Friday, March 25, 2016

World-wide Family

Family World-wide! After only one year of me starting my involvement in Genealogy, I've learned that my Family spans the globe and has many names though many generations: Andres, Dagenais, Allaire, Barette, Bedard, Blais, Boyer, Brady, Bray, Brewer, Brewer, Charpentier, Chapman, Dagenais, Davis, Didier, Dignard, Downey, Drouin, Droze, Ewart, Dill, Goulet, Groulx, Hains, Hicks, Hope, Johnson, Kerr, Lafleur, Lang, Levert, Levesque, Loveland, Mainguy, Maki, Manca, Masse, Mathieu, Menard, Mercer, Miley, Nadeau, Nash, Noble, Paquette, Paras, Parent, Ploumelle, Ponce De Leon, Ponio, Poulin, Puri, Rowley, Sanford, Serry, Sinclair, Sirard-Girard, Spillner, Sy, Therrien, Thompson, Tiedemann, Trotier, Vadauskas, Vane, Velsink-brady, Vervoort and Yoheswarn. There's 282 people in my Family Tree - going back 15 generations. These are just the one's I know of, that I've recorded - there are many, many more. Yet, I have many Friends also and often think to myself, "they should be in my Family Tree too."