Sunday, July 14, 2019

Moon Coin

My Mom gave me this coin long ago. I watched the 1st Moon landing on TV at Bob Johnston's house in Oliver, B.C. It was hard to make-out what was happening on the TV, but I saw it - 50 years ago!

Windows 10 - the despair edition

Re-installed Windows 10 yesterday - the despair edition. Took me all day to do. My PC would auto re-start every two minutes because of a kernel error and my internet adapter would cut out about every three minutes. With great difficulty, I got all the Windows updates done finally. Now my PC "Big Boy" is working better than ever. My Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD main drive is working faster than a speeding bullet. A two-year build-up of junk is gone and I'm a happy camper now.