Friday, March 25, 2016

World-wide Family

Family World-wide! After only one year of me starting my involvement in Genealogy, I've learned that my Family spans the globe and has many names though many generations: Andres, Dagenais, Allaire, Barette, Bedard, Blais, Boyer, Brady, Bray, Brewer, Brewer, Charpentier, Chapman, Dagenais, Davis, Didier, Dignard, Downey, Drouin, Droze, Ewart, Dill, Goulet, Groulx, Hains, Hicks, Hope, Johnson, Kerr, Lafleur, Lang, Levert, Levesque, Loveland, Mainguy, Maki, Manca, Masse, Mathieu, Menard, Mercer, Miley, Nadeau, Nash, Noble, Paquette, Paras, Parent, Ploumelle, Ponce De Leon, Ponio, Poulin, Puri, Rowley, Sanford, Serry, Sinclair, Sirard-Girard, Spillner, Sy, Therrien, Thompson, Tiedemann, Trotier, Vadauskas, Vane, Velsink-brady, Vervoort and Yoheswarn. There's 282 people in my Family Tree - going back 15 generations. These are just the one's I know of, that I've recorded - there are many, many more. Yet, I have many Friends also and often think to myself, "they should be in my Family Tree too."

Always With Us (from Facebook Feb. 28, 2016)

Remember, all our Ancestors and all our Loved Ones that have passed away - every atom, every molecule of them and every breath they took, is still with us - here on Earth. As for their Spirit or Soul, it is as you believe. It may be that they're with you when you go to the Beach.