Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Helen and Gordon Gemmill

These nice Folks are my old friend Karen's parents. Sadly, Gordon is not with us anymore. I've known them for 30+ years. There's not too many people on this Planet that have been nicer to me than The Gemmills. When I was in a bit of financial trouble at Parksville Insurance Agency, because of a cockroach thieving partner, Helen lent the business quite a lot of money and asked nothing in return - not even interest! Helen is the only person I ever correspond with in writing by mail. It's no mystery to me where Karen got her abundant grace and charm from.
Update March 21, 2015: Helen Gemmill has recently passed away. I'm going to miss this Grand Lady, but she had a good long life and will be lovingly remembered by many people.

Bob & Rosanne Johnston are Grandparents!

This is Bob and Rosanne's Daughter; Alesha's Baby, "Xavier" - Born October 13, 2007. (That was a tough sentance!) CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL. Two observations: Cute little Guy and Bob always reaches life milestones before me.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ebay Store Closed

I closed my Ebay store: DKP Ventures. New lesson learned: it's possible to loose money while sleeping!