Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tony Poulin "Heart of Gold"

It has been a sad week for the our Family. My Brother Tony passed away last Saturday, May 23, 2009. Tony was only 58 years old. This is a rare photo of me and my siblings: taken with us all together as adults. The photo was taken in 1980 at our Father's retirement party at Indian Rock (Naramata), B.C. Left to right: Michael, Alan, Tony, Dale, Kevan and Danielle.

Any one who knows Tony well will agree that he had a heart of gold. Gentle and true, always willing to help out. Tony, along with Kevan, took care of our Father for many years.

Tony fell off a ladder about a year ago and broke his ribs. He didn't see a doctor right away and developed an infection in his lungs. He went to the hospital later in bad shape and then caught that superbug infection: Staphlycoccus aureus that is highly resistant to antibiotics. He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, treated and released. Three weeks ago, Tony had a stroke and was back in the hospital. The superbug infection had come back and had got to his heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Tony went into a coma and never came back to us. He died peacefully in his sleep late that Saturday night.

I love my Brother and will always miss him. Tony has gone to join our Mother and Father, and our Brother Alan.
Video attached January 4, 2010 "Long Ago and Far Away." This is a little video (Turn your sound up) I made with some old super-8 clips and photos of Tony and other loved ones not with us any more; Mom, Dad, Alan and my old girlfriend Holly. There's video of Jason's Mom and Dad (Before he was born). My Brother Alan... is Christopher's Dad. Some of us in the video are still around and still going strong! Some of you have seen this before and some not. It's for us to enjoy and remember.

"Good Times" Video